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If you can't adopt a dog, consider sponsoring! For a low monthly fee (about $30 USD / CHF 30), you can cover food and shelter for one of our rescue dogs, while we try to get him or her a forever home. 


If you would like to cover the cost of sterilization, vaccinations, and medical care for one of the many new cases we receive daily, the cost is about $50 USD (CHF 50). 


Contact us for more information. 


ESMERELDA (durres, albania)


Sweet Esmerelda needs extra attention and love, as you can clearly see. This dear girl is trying to grow stronger, and we're monitoring her as closely as we can to make sure she is getting proper nutrition and love. 


If someone can sponsor her, we can continue feeding her more expensive puppy food. And, we'd love to find a godparent who can actively try to find her a home, so she can get 1-on-1 attention.  

ana (durres, albania)

Ana was born into a group of puppies found by animal lovers. They are still at the shelter site in Durres.


Ana is about 1 year old, sterilized and vaccinated. She is very lively and territorial. She barks and protects her pack whenever she can! 


She hopes for a godparent to sponsor her as she looks out for her Durres pack!


Xhili (durres, albania)


Xhili's eyes say everything! She is so desperate for a home, but until we can find her one, will you consider sponsoring her?


Xhili is about 1 year old and has already been sterilized and vaccinated. 





Moza (Durres, albania)

Moza and her siblings were struck by Parvovirus. The siblings unfortunately did not make it but playful Moza did, and she is staying at our project site in Durres, where she's been since she was little.


She is about 1 year old, very fun-loving and gets along very well with other dogs.


Who can sponsor sweet Moza? Or give her a forever family?

Gina (durres, albania)

Dear Gina had a family until November 2019. The father of the family contacted us, and wanted to leave Gina on the street but DVM Eror ZYLYFTARI brought her to the project site. She's been at the site since then and is waiting for a family forever. 


She is a pitbull mix, and is very sweet and playful. Given stereotypes about dogs, especially pitbulls, in Albania, we are hoping to find a sponsor as Gina's adoption may take some time. And, we would love it even more if we found her a great, new, loving home!


choco (durres, albania)

Choco is a very shy girl. Her sister, Mia, has a godparent, but Choco is still waiting for hers! 

Mia and Choco were very sick before DVM Eror Zylftari treated the two girls. They once had no hair and now have beautiful coats. 


Choco is about 1 year old and has already been sterilized and vaccinated. Her sponsor would help cover her food and regular vaccination updates and deworming needs. 

jimmy (fieri, albania)

Jimmy is a bundle of energy that has not yet made friends with his fellow dogs.


Jimmy was a family dog in Fieri. Unfortunately, he was suddenly abandoned on the Durres-Fieri motorway and found by our volunteer Eglinor.

Jimmy was brought back to Fieri. 


We have had a lot of adoption requests for Jimmy, but it is very important for us that he gets into good hands and does not get back on the streets. We don't want Jimmy to be used for dog fights!


So, we've decided to take a close look at any potential families before we hand Jimmy over, which means it takes a little more time and love before Jimmy finds his forever home. Until then, Jimmy needs someone to pay for his food costs. 


Who will be Jimmy's godparent? He will be forever grateful!


nera (durres, albania)

Little Nera and her siblings were found at a garbage collection point by animal activists. All puppies quickly became ill from Parvovirus. Unfortunately, not all of the dogs survived.  But Nera was strong enough and survived!


Nera is already sterilized and vaccinated. She has been at the project site in Durres for a year and has no godparent so far. Nera is rather shy but very well integrated into the pack group. 



jack (durres, albania)

Jack is Nera's brother.  He also survived Parvovirus and is waiting at the project site in Durres. 


Jack is still very scared and his eyes say so much. 

He is a wonderful comrade and gets along very well with his fellow dog friends. Jack is neutered and vaccinated. 


Who can help us keep Jack healthy and fed until we find him a forever home? 

sponsored dogs

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