happy endings in furever homes

scrampy, bartolito, ajla and mino

Patricia and her daughter from Switzerland were in Durres to help Jeta Tier und Mensch for 10 days this February 2023. They came by car and spent time with the dogs at the shelter and took them for walks. They also took special care of the newest members of JTM Ginger, Gina and Lily three young puppies.

Jenny joined them on the drive back to Switzerland. They brought Lola, Scrampy, Ajla, Bartolito and Mino with them. 

Bartolito and Scrampy are in foster care with Patricia until they find a forever home.
Lola was adopted by Sabrinas mum in Germany.
Mino and Ajla are with Nicole from STI in foster care. Both of which have their individual health problems so they are being taken care of very well by Nicole and her husband. Meanwhile searching for their forever homes. Thank you all so much.

nesli, cuni and rambo travel with corda viventus

Cuni and Nesli have found their family and are both very happy with them.

Rambo is still with his foster carer Nathalie because he turned out to be sick and needed urgent medical care. Nathalie is taking great care of Rambo and he is lucky to be in such great hands. Thank you Nathalie and STI for all of your love and support.

mila, xhei, topi and dior travel with corda viventus

Xhei is living in Hamburg and is very happy with her little family and city life. 

Topi and Dior went to the same foster home with Streunerhilfe International and very quickly found great families to call their own. We thank you Sophie from the bottom of our hearts for welcoming them and making then feel so secure. 

Mila also went to foster care with Nicole from STI, who cares for small dogs. Mila was very quickly fallen in love with by and older couple she can now call family. Thank you Nicole for you great suppot.

mara, stella and hope to germany with jenny with love

Stella was reunited with Patricia and Martin and is now enjoying her adventures with this super couple. We are so happy for Stella! Thank you Patricia and Martin.

Mara is in Hamburg and enjoys her life together with Chris and Daniel. Thank you both we are so happy that you found each other. 

Hope went to foster care with Sophie from Streunerhilfe International in Germany and very quickly found her luck with a super family that lives in a calm and green place in Germany. Thank you all so much for taking Hope into your hearts.

Loki, niki, bruschetta, cooki and boo travel with Corda viventus

We thank Corda Viventus for their great care and service. 

Loki and Rea were adopted together and now live a lovely peaceful life in NRW Germany.
Bruschetta, Niki, Cookie and Boo are also all living very happily in their new homes. This makes us so happy.

Pipo is living the vanlife with mathias

Matthias heard about JTM while staying in a hostel in Tirana. HE came to visit Rixhesko and the dogs at the shelter and immediately fell in love with Pipo. Mathias who is originally from Denmark is travelling all over Europe in his campervan. After the initial interview and a couple of visits Pipo joined Mathias in Tirana for a trial to see if van life would suit Pipo. It did. Mathias came to Durres and parked his van for 10 days at our new project site, he helped Rixhesko and Francesko another travelling volunteer who were building dog kennels at the new site.
Pipo and Mathias are very happy together and are now travelling around Greece. Thank you Mathias we are so happy to have met you.

the dream team kasper and lenny

Lenny was a very severe case which we were notified about by a German couple on holiday in Durres. The vets in Albania did not know how to help. His alignment from head to tail was completely bent to the right side. The couple had friends in Hungary who are very experienced with dogs and were willing to help. 

Kasper was found by our friends Kinga and Albi in Durres city. He was very skinny and covered in cuts. It looked like he had been used for fights and then abandoned. Kasper stayed with JTM until his documents were ready and Kinga and Albi organized for him to be taken in by a Polish Pitbull rescue.

Lenny and Kasper were able to share the ride and be brought to their luck. Lenny was dropped of in Hungary where he has received quality vet care. It turns out he had very deep ear infections on both sides. Once that is treated he should hopefully be a healthy happy pain free dog. Living his best life together with another dog. Kasper carried on to Poland where he is being rehabilitated by the amazing organisation working with Pitbulls. Thank you all so so much this was a great team effort and we are so happy to know such wonderful people.

Lars and lynn fall in love with ares while on holiday in albania and ivi travels to germany with them

Lars and Lynn were on holiday travelling in Albania by car when they contacted us because they wanted to adopt an Albanian dog. They came to the shelter in Durres where they met Ares. They visited some more times and were sure that Ares was the one for them. Lars, Lynn and Ares were also able to bring Ivi to Germany by car so she could go to her foster care with Nicola from STI.
We all say thank you and are happy to have crossed paths.

umi, floh and lulu go to switzerland

Umi Umi Umi waited so long for his luck. But now he has it in Switzerland and we are so so happy for this guy. He lives in a beautiful place with all the freedom and love her could ever ask for. Thank you to his adoptive family. 

Floh was adopted by the same couple who adopted Bori. We know he will be so much loved and taken care of by them. 

Lulu enjoys a very comfortable loving life in Switzerland too.  

lisa joined patricia on her return flight to germany and then went to foster care with sabrina

While Patricia and Martin were visiting Albania for some hiking and adventure. They came to help us at the shelter. The fell in love with Stella who was not yet ready to travel. So instead they offered to take Lisa who was waiting to got to foster care with Sabrina. They took her by flight and met Sabrina at the Airport.
Lisa stayed with Sabrina and Constantine for a couple of weeks and then through STI found her luck and lives together with a lovely young family and her new husky brother. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts :)

moza flew to her new home in germany

Moza flew to Germany with a volunteer and was met by Nicola from STI at the airport. She spent some weeks with Nicola and then moved to her forever home. She joins her new mum who is a Phycologist in her practice. We are so happy for the lovely Moza to live in peace. Thank you everyone for this action we could not have done it without you. 

rea and kiko as far as germany and nala, rua and zaku to ireland by ferry

Molly's family came from Ireland to Durres to visit her and Rixhesko. Her sisters came to the shelter everyday and spent time with the dogs and helped to clean the poop. They travelled to Albania by camper so Molly had the possibility to go back with them and bring Kiko and Rea to their forever families in Germany. Molly and her family continued the journey to their destination in Ireland with Zaku, Rua and Nala. We thank especially Molly's father who drove most of the KM and we thank them all for getting the dogs to their homes safely.

Sally, shoku, bella, eli, xhoi, leo and sara's journey to germany

Llanes happy end in switzerland

Llane was lucky to be chosen to become part of a family in switzerland. We organised with friends who were touring the balkans by car to pick Llane up in Durres on their way back to switzerland. Llane enjoyed a comfortable crossing to Ancona along with their own dog. Thank you everyone for the effort to get Llane to a safe beautiful home in Switzerland <3

Ginnys summer adventure -> destination london

Our lovely girl Ginny got adopted by dream team Eloise and Rob from the UK who were staying in Albania for 3 months, en route to Greece for another 3 months.
They visited Molly and Rixhesko at the shelter initially to help out but when they met Ginny they fell in love and within a week Ginny was living it up on Eloise and Robs comfy sofa by the beach in Durres. 
Then the journey began and they went south to Himare, Sarande, Corfu, Athens and Kalamata where they also stayed for 3 months. 
Ginny will go back with them to enjoy a life in London. We couldn't be happier for Ginny! Thank you Eloise and Rob for opening your hearts for Ginny <3

theo, gigo, albe, nonna, balu and tobi's trip to germany

Faye, Panna and oscar's journey with molly to germany/switzerland

Laila in pogradec

Laila (now Naila) is happy with her new family. We are so grateful to Danina and her boyfriend for saving a life and giving this sweet girl a better future. 


sweet honey in italy

Honey was adopted by Laura Fischer & Bernardo Callai. Laura was visiting Durres for a brief time and felt she had to do something after witnessing the condition of stray dogs and dog culture in Albania. Laura adopted Honey even though she had to leave Albania before he could travel to the EU. With creative problem solving, Honey stayed at the Durres Kloer practice and then with generous foster parents Drake & Emily until he was ready to leave Albania and travel to Italy. During the lockdown, Jenny Müller traveled from Switzerland to Italy to reunite Honey with Laura and Bernardo. He is now happily living in Sardinia with his new parents!

lule in fier

Lule needed emergency surgery, and her family didn't want to pay for it. So they left her in the dumpster. We saved Lule, and then Daniela Grandi saved her and gave her a new life in Italy with Daniela's sister!

White mousy with harald in germany

Whitey Mousy, the little one from Durres, was spotted by her Dad, Harald, in October 2019. It was love at first sight. Due to lockdown (COVID19), Harald and White Mousy were separated much longer than they hoped, but are now together and so happy. 

team effort to rescue lordi <3


Many thanks to everyone - JETA: Tier und Mensch donors, DVM Artenis Limoj, Ndihmoni tomcat Kembshat and the animal friends who noticed Lordi in the hole - who helped Lordi and had a hand in this happy ending. 



beemer to the netherlands


Beemer was found on the streets by Alma Pjetri in July 2019. He was thrown onto the street by two people.

 Thanks to Alma, Beemer now has a forever home with lots of love. Many thanks to Frank and Dinnie for loving Beemer so much!

kovu mucca and megi find furever homes

Kovu, Mucca and Megi were some of our lucky dogs, who found forever homes!