Current projects

support local albanians

A wonderful Albanian family in Vranisht will care for 16 of our dogs. To support this family, we need $200 a month plus $50 for food. Please consider sponsoring for a month!

Helping during covid-19

We're trying to make sure the street animals in Durres and Fieri receive food and care despite the extensive restrictions during the lockdown of COVID-19. 

shelter projects

Since 2018, the city has provided the project site in Durres. This site shelters the stray dogs treated by our organization with the CNVR project. Unfortunately, it was not safe nor clean enough for the dogs. Although it is the city's job to maintain the site, our organization ultimately had to take this work and cost on ourselves. 


After 2 earthquakes and flooding, we financed CHF 4,000 for a critical renovation so we could continue to shelter dogs not ready for release. With more flooding in October 2020, we are trying to raise money to build 15 more dog kennels at CHF 77/ $85 each.

Build a NEW CLINIC & SHelter in fieri

Most so-called clinics in Albania are no larger than two rooms. Our project will have a veterinary clinic and a shelter so that the rescued animals who are not ready for release or are waiting for adoption have proper medical attention and space to heal and thrive.


This intermediate station (before adoption or release) is critical, as the rescued dogs and cats in Fieri are kept in Vranisht/Vlore, a mountain village four hours from our DMV Artenis Limoj in Fieri. It’s high time that we build our own!


We need a total of CHF 150,000 for this project. Our goal is to draw up plans in 2020 then have the most important parts of the clinic built by the end of 2022. With your donation, we can meet this goal!