Who We Are

JETA Tier und Mensch (Animals and Humans) is a non-profit organization that aims to create connections between rejected animals and humans. We are the voice of the street animals in Albania, animals that cannot speak themselves, and rely on our help. There are far too many street dogs in Albania (and about 90% of them lived in a family before they were abandoned).


Our great love of animals, combined with our 4 years of experience in this area, is evident in the numerous projects in which we are involved in various cities throughout Albania, with our largest focus on Fieri and Durres. (see map opposite).


Our Work


In the last four years, we have: 

  • helped 81 street dogs find a new family.

  • worked with veterinarians, who sterilize/castrate and provide all medical services1664 animals were neutered, 1842 animals vaccinated and 1702 sick animals were treated by a veterinarian!

  • financially supported 149 animal lovers when they couldn't afford to keep an animal. In this way, the animals still had a home and were not abandoned again.

  • carried out 19 educational projects to raise Albanian people's awareness of the problem of street dogs (in schools, kindergartens, cooperation with government agencies, etc.).

  • promoted the idea of "remote adoption", conveying and managing adoptions to countries outside of Albania. 

  • transferred international donations, such as food or other items (transport boxes, dog leads and collars as well as medical material for veterinary clinics) to Albania six times.

  • creates job opportunities for people to work with street dogs. We already have two employees in Durres and Vranisht who look after dogs.

How You Can Help

For more details, visit our English page about What You Can Do.


We offer transparency regarding all donations for animals and all other actions or events related to our association. Just ask!