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Rosi (fieri, albania)

Thanks to the volunteers in Fieri, Rosi lives. He was found covered in blood on the streets. 


Our partner DVM Artenis Limoj was immediately called for help, and then took over his medical care. 


Rosi is very shy and can no longer be released on the streets. He is neutered and vaccinated. His  titer test has also been done. He is now waiting for a family to love!


Gentrita, godmother of Rosi, wishes the little darling to find a family as soon as possible.


Rosi is probably 2-3 years old. 


Baku, a male from Berat,has been waiting for his adoptive family since the summer of 2018.


He was found crying on the street. He cried so loud that the entire city heard him! The veterinarian went searching for him twice, and finally found the poor boy and brought him to Fieri. Baku was most likely hit by a car and bruised everywhere. The pain was so severe that our partner Artenis Limoj could hardly touch him. After a long treatment, however, Baku was on his feet again.


Baku is neutered and vaccinated. He is about 3 years old and already has all the exit documents he needs, followed by a titer test.

He is friendly with his peers and has a very lively character. Baku can be adopted as a second dog.


Juri is about 1 year old and ready for adoption outside of Albania. He was rescued by Katja Shuhmann in Saranda, Albania in July 2019. Yuri has already survived the Parvovirus disease and would be happy if, like his friend Beemer, he found a forever home.


Juri is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and has passed the titer test. He is just waiting for a loving home.


Meri is a girl from our 2nd castration project in Fieri. Her neck was badly damaged from a rope. DVM Artenis Limoj thought during the operation she would not survive, but she did and has now been in our stopover in Vranisht for 3 years. She is sterilized, vaccinated, chipped and has a passport. 


Meri has been waiting for a family she will love forever for over a year. 


Meri is very tall and is a shepherd / collie mix. We suspect that she is about 4 years old. 


She is very playful but doesn't like cats and is not a dog for inexperienced dog owners.  


Bardhoshi is friend of Mucca's, who was adopted in 2019


Bardhoshi and Mucca were found in Ksamil by tourists (Lisa, David, Sina and a friend). Bardhoshi had an injured foot and is in Fieri for treatment. This treatment went on for a long time and we could not bring Barhoshi back to Ksamil. 


Bardhoshi is a calmer male and is about 3 years old. He is neutered, vaccinated and chipped, has passed his titer test and has a passport!


Bardhoshi has been waiting for his family for a year. He has been at our intermediate station in Vranisht since summer 2018. 


Bardhoshi can be adopted as a second dog and has no problem with cats. 




lady (Durres, aLBANIa)

She is about 2 years old, sterilized, vaccinated, chipped and passed her titer test. She really wants cuddles and love. She is very calm and patient with other dogs. Would be great as a second dog or family pet. The only thing missing is a suitable family that they want to adopt and love her! 

From Durres ready to fly




Vlora (Vlora, aLBANIa) reserved for Streunerhilfe international

Vlora is about 1 year old and a calm soul. Vanessa Matera found her on the beach, emaciated and very sick. She was immediately brought to our partner DVM Artenis Limoj in Fieri and given medical care for months. We thought Vlora would not make it, but she has a very strong fighting spirit!


Vlora has been in Vranisht / Vlore / Albania since January. She is approx. 17 kg and can weigh up to 23 kg. She has been sterilized, vaccinated and passed the titer test. She has her EU passport and all documents packed and ready for a speedy departure. All she needs is you!



bubi (fieri, albania) reserved for Streunerhilfe international

Bubi was only 5 months old when he was hit by a car. A friend contacted us and DVM Artenis Limoj went to get him immediately.


Unfortunately, Bubi's hind leg had to be removed. 

But Bubi has grown and copes very well with 3 legs. He is a very playful pup!


Handicapped dogs are even less likely to be adopted in Albania. We would love to find him a forever home outside of the country. 


Bubi is neutered and is about 14 months old. 

He is vaccinated but must also do the titer test so that he can leave the country. 


Bubi is, as you can see, a hunting dog. 

He has very long legs and loves a long, scent-filled walk!


Bubi would love to find his forever home. Let's help him find it!


Is reserveted for a family in Austria

Lule from Durres