Many of our rescued dogs cannot return to the streets. They are eagerly waiting for a forever home!


Though we are working to change the culture, it's very difficult to find homes for street dogs in Albania. Most Albanians want puppies or purebreds. 


If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs rescued by JETA: Tier und Mensch, we would love to help you find your new best friend. We walk you through the entire process of getting the dog out of Albania and into your home country.


Baku, Meri, Bardhoshi, Juri, Rosi, and Vlora are ready to leave Albania. Lady will be ready soon! Meet them here. Contact us for more details!

happy endings!


Laila (now Naila) is happy with her new family. We are so grateful to Danina and her boyfriend for saving a life and giving this sweet girl a better future. 





Honey was adopted by Laura Fischer & Bernardo Callai. Laura was visiting Durres for a brief time and felt she had to do something after witnessing the condition of stray dogs and dog culture in Albania. Laura adopted Honey even though she had to leave Albania before he could travel to the EU. With creative problem solving, Honey stayed at the Durres Kloer practice and then with generous foster parents Drake & Emily until he was ready to leave Albania and travel to Italy. During the lockdown, Jenny Müller traveled from Switzerland to Italy to reunite Honey with Laura and Bernardo. He is now happily living in Sardinia with his new parents!


Lule needed emergency surgery, and her family didn't want to pay for it. So they left her in the dumpster. We saved Lule, and then Daniela Grandi saved her and gave her a new life in Italy with Daniela's sister!



Whitey Mousy, the little one from Durres, was spotted by her Dad, Harald, in October 2019. It was love at first sight. Due to lockdown (COVID19), Harald and White Mousy were separated much longer than they hoped, but are now together and so happy. 


Many thanks to everyone - JETA: Tier und Mensch donors, DVM Artenis Limoj, Ndihmoni tomcat Kembshat and the animal friends who noticed Lordi in the hole - who helped Lordi and had a hand in this happy ending. 




Beemer was found on the streets by Alma Pjetri in July 2019. He was thrown onto the street by two people.


Thanks to Alma, Beemer now has a forever home with lots of love. Many thanks to Frank and Dinnie for loving Beemer so much!

Kovu, Mucca and Megi were some of our lucky dogs, who found forever homes!